Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Easy Peasy Beret

This is a really easy hat project; I think it actually takes longer to cut the pattern than it does to make the hat :-)

If you have an old pair of trousers languishing at the back of the wardrobe, why not use the material to make a simple beret.  Suit  material, like tweed, works especially well, without the need for a lining.

Things you'll need:

Old pair of trousers
Matching or contrasting thread
One button

The pattern I've supplied is quite large (I have a lot of hair!) but you can trim it to size if you need to - but make sure that you trim, evenly, all around the pattern and not just the bottom :-)  Each square on the pattern grid should measure 5 mm.

If you're unsure about the size you want, measure right around your head from your forehead to the base of your skull and back; add an inch for seam allowance and then divide by six.  The number you are left with should be the measurement of the base of the pattern.

You'll need to cut six panels from your chosen fabric.

Now, take the first two panels, pin them right sides together and sew, using about an eighth of an inch seam allowance - stopping just before you reach the tip of the panel.

Continue with the other panels until all six panels are attached.

Now we can close the hat up by sewing the last two open sides together, and sewing across the middle point to close up the top.

We can now add the hat band.
(When I first made this project I just assumed all of my initial measurements were correct and didn't bother to double check - needless to say, my band was about two and a half inches too short; so it's best to check the circumference before cutting your material and remember to add about half an inch seam allowance.)

Once you have the correct length you will need to make the band about two inches wide.

We're going to work with the right sides together, so we need to match the raw edges with one another.  There should be a little extra material left over where the two ends of the hat band meet; this needs to sit on one of the seams of the main hat. Pin and sew around the band.

(Remember to use free arm sewing)

Sew a straight seam along the width of the band where the two ends meet.  Trim off any excess.

We can now finish of the main body of the hat!

Turn the hat inside out and and fold the hatband under and pin, leaving enough band showing for it to become a decorative feature.  Sew the band down.  (If you are using quite a heavy fabric, like denim, you may want to press the band before sewing.)

Almost there!

All we need to do now is cover a button, to place in the centre of the hat.  Covering buttons is not a forte of mine, so I don't have much to offer in the way of instruction!  I simply try to gather together as much of the fabric behind the button as possible, and keep sewing until the material seems both taut and secure.

Like this... I think...

Now we can add the button to the hat and voila! Your hat is complete!

really bad lighting, sorry...

Here's another one I made with some simple decorations, made from t-shirt scraps.

Give it a go!

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  1. Very cool.im going to make one of these for winter...Thanks :)