Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Last minute party bag

This is a really simple, but very cute, sewing project that came about due to an accessory crisis.

A couple of weeks ago I had to go to leaving party (miss you Mark B!) and I didn't want to carry my huge messenger bag, so I thought I'd take along a little crocheted bag I'd made last year.


My dear sweet hubby has a real knack of putting things 'away' and claiming that he's never even seen the item in question.  So, after a couple of hours scrabbling around in various drawers and boxes I decided that the only option left to me was to make a little handbag (yes, I know, technically, I could have popped to the high street and bought a handbag, but where's the fun in that?!)

So, here's how I did it....

You will need:

this bag pattern
top fabric
lining fabric
interfacing or calico (I used calico)
matching thread
bag handles

I used these
from Ribbon Moon because these were what I had lying around, but I think oval handles would work better with this particular bag shape.

We need to cut two pattern pieces from each of our three pieces of fabric. As the pattern is (mostly) symmetrical you don't have to worry about turning that pattern or the fabric. 

You should end up with six pieces of fabric, the same shape and size. 

Sew the calico onto the top fabric on the wrong side. 

Then place the two, reinforced, pieces of top fabric right sides together and sew, ensuring to leave the top of the bag open. 

Now place the two lining pieces right sides together and sew in the same manner as the top fabric, but lave a 1 1/2 inch gap in the bottom for turning 

Next we need to place the main body of the bag into the newly stitched lining.  The right side of the lining should sit against the right side of the main bag. 
Join the the bag and lining together at the bag opening, then pull the main bag through the opening in the lining.  You should end up with something looking like this.

Close the hole in the lining with matching thread (as I was in a hurry I just ran it through the sewing machine, but it's really much better if the lining is hand stitched.)

We are now ready to sew on the handles.

Pin the handles into place and use a whip stitch to secure them.

And you are now ready for a night on the town!