Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Release the bats!

This is my take on a bat-winged top made by Tree on Stitchless TV.

I followed the tutorial up to about 7 minutes in (I didn't used the bondaweb type stuff, though), then simply sliced the garment down the middle,  added bias binding to prevent fraying then added the external buttonholes, and buttons.  

It was my plan to wear this as a kind of spring jacket, but it's so cold in the UK at the moment that I'm still in my winter coat! 

Ah well, maybe in the autumn :-)

Friday, 11 May 2012

So Hammy...

Do you ever get those moments when you've worked on something really simple, but you just can't help being 'pleased as punch' about the results?  Well that's exactly how I felt when I made this tailor's ham.

I used this pattern from Sewing Princess and, foregoing the traditional sawdust (as I don't really have much of that lying around since I quit the circus) stuffed it full of fabric scraps.

It's a really quick make as well, if you have your scraps to hand and will prove its worth every time you press a dart or princess seam!

Hooray for the HAM!