Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Easy Fleecy Snood

This is a really easy snood/cowl to make, and so perfect for when the temperature drops in February (as it always does in the UK!)

All you need are two rectangles of material that are long enough to fit, comfortably, around your neck twice (I think my rectangles were about 55 inches long) and some matching thread.

I used fleece for one side and crushed velvet for the other, as I had copious amounts of both hanging around the house....

We're not going to use a pattern for this one; instead we're going to mark the rectangle directly onto the fabric.  I used the fleece first simply because it's easier to control than the velvet.

Once we've cut out our first rectangle we can pin it to our other fabric and cut around that.

I used the weights to keep the both fabrics stable

Now we're ready to sew the two pieces together.  Place the pieces right sides together  and pin, leaving about 3 and a half inch gap for turning. Sew, sew, sew...

Trim the corners and turn the scarf right side out through the gap left between the two pieces of fabric.

Now we need to do a 'little bit' of hand sewing.

We need to close up the gap and sew the two ends together at the same time - I found the best, and neatest, method was to use whip stitch.

When both ends of the scarf are secured together, you are finished!

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