Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hi y'all

Those of you who follow my blog regularly may have noticed that I haven't been posting very much over the last couple of months.

The reason for that is two fold - firstly, I got a temporary promotion at work which doubled my working hours overnight. And secondly, I was working on the costumes for an amateur production of Dracula, staged by KDC Theatre in London.

As I was the only person in the wardrobe department I found myself filling all the roles.  I was designing, making, buying, modifying, consulting and organizing - and it was a monumental task.

But here are the publicity shots from the show which opened at the Lion And Unicorn last night.

Happy Halloween!

Marilyn and Sally say "Hi"

Monday, 22 October 2012

Happy Anniversary! (To us, that is...)

Yes, it has, unbelievably, been one whole year (to the day) that my hubby and I took our vows.  And, as the traditional first anniversary present should be made of paper, I decided to make him a notebook.

In my brief stint as a workshop assistant at The Make Lounge, I was lucky enough to assist in two of Suzanne Cowan's (highly recommended) book binding classes.  She's such a fantastic teacher that, even though I wasn't participating, I still learned a vast amount.

The way I bound my first book isn't precisely how she would have taught me to, but I wanted the spine to look slightly different; so there was a little bit of improvisation.

As Hubby is an absolute Apple Mac nut I also used some basic photoshop tools to add various Mac images to the pages at random intervals.

I thought the end result looked a little too 'homespun', but he absolutely loved it.

The traditional gift for the second year is cotton.  Back to what I do best then, eh?