Sunday, 23 October 2011


In typical 'me' fashion I decided to learn a new craft the day before I needed present couple of thank-you gifts.  However, they both went down well, and I now have a new project to take up what little spare time I have left :-)

I used this handy little tutorial as my basis with some frames purchased from museum collection.

They looked so cute until I tried, in my heavy handed and rather clumsy fashion, to glue one of  the finished purses into the frame.

I was pretty close to just running to the high street to find  'store bought' replacements, but with a litlte care (and acetone free nail polish remover) I got the (relative) success I was looking for...

They look like change purses, but they are actually clutch size :-)
But, seeing as I am less than graceful with a tube of Uhu, I think I may attempt the hammering technique in the future...

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