Monday, 27 February 2012


At age 12 I attempted, and failed, to turn a basic rag doll shape the right way out.  I assumed, back then (in the eighties) that toy making was clearly not for me....

However, after experimenting with Martha Stewart's bunnies


from her Encyclopedia of Sewing Crafts (well worth buying for the sheer number of projects alone) I thought 'maybe it's time to try making another  doll.

So I picked up Jan Horrox's book on cloth doll making and used it as a loose guide to see whether or not it was something I would enjoy, before buying all the extra notions and equipment.

And here she is:

If she's looking a little mean spirited, it's because my husband gave her angry eyebrows when he drew her face...
Not bad for a first attempt, I thought...

Creating her was a challenging, frustrating, and very rewarding experience, so I think investing in the little extras, will definitely be worth it.  

Can't wait to start on the next one!  (I think I will be brave enough to do the hands, next time....)

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