Monday, 22 October 2012

Happy Anniversary! (To us, that is...)

Yes, it has, unbelievably, been one whole year (to the day) that my hubby and I took our vows.  And, as the traditional first anniversary present should be made of paper, I decided to make him a notebook.

In my brief stint as a workshop assistant at The Make Lounge, I was lucky enough to assist in two of Suzanne Cowan's (highly recommended) book binding classes.  She's such a fantastic teacher that, even though I wasn't participating, I still learned a vast amount.

The way I bound my first book isn't precisely how she would have taught me to, but I wanted the spine to look slightly different; so there was a little bit of improvisation.

As Hubby is an absolute Apple Mac nut I also used some basic photoshop tools to add various Mac images to the pages at random intervals.

I thought the end result looked a little too 'homespun', but he absolutely loved it.

The traditional gift for the second year is cotton.  Back to what I do best then, eh?

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