Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Crafty Geek

Well, this was an interesting little project...

Sew Today magazine runs a vintage competition whereby entrants are asked to take a vintage Vogue or Butterick pattern and bring it into the modern era by way of styling or materials.  Taking things to the extreme (as I often do) I decided to update the pattern (Vintage Vogue 2962) by using a material that would never have been considered suitable for a dress in the 1950s - clear vinyl. (In fact, it's probably not particularly suitable now - hence the black body stocking underneath...)

However, looking at the winner and two runners up (which you will have to buy the Dec/Jan issue of Sew Today to see), it would seem that I pushed the envelope a little bit too far!

Anyway, at least now I have a nice frock for the next Tron:Legacy themed party...


  1. very interesting and I bet it was different to sew. The seam allowances must be a bit wierd against skin, even with something underneath. Too bad there wasn't a most outside the box category! Bold of you!

  2. Hi Barbara

    I did actually have to put crepe paper on top of the vinyl to get it to move through the machine, as I don't have a teflon foot.

    The strangest thing about wearing it though was the weight - it was almost too heavy to move in!